Monday, August 1, 2011

A few steps closer...

I finally feel good about my classroom...the only things left to do are those that I can do when teachers go back. I love to make a list and better yet, cross things off. My listkeeps getting longer and longer though and I don't understand how there can possibly be more to do.
Here are a few more pics of my room...

Welcome sign
Hallway display...I have cute circles to put above each piece of paper with their name and a picture of them in a cowboy hat
7 habits
SS Timeline
Probably my most favorite thing right now...cute "READ" pillows!
Thanks to for the idea:)
My whiteboard with a place for the sweet notes/artwork that my kiddos make me and our table group point section
My essential question section on my that I look at it, I have to make one change:( BOO!
One last thing...I got the CUTEST pencil/pen organizer at Cracker Barrel. Isn't it fun?

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