Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye sweet SUMMER!!!

Since I am saying goodbye to my summer vacation in a couple of days...
I thought I would make a top ten list of my favorite moments of SUMMER 2011.

Here it goes...
#10...going to CrossFit to beat the summer heat! Although it might have been 90 degrees in that warehouse and not 120 degrees, it was nice to get my workout done for the day by 10 am.

#9...not taking one SINGLE teacher training, workshop, etc. This was the first year, in ten years, that I haven't taken something over the summer. It was quite nice:)
#8...eating lunch out leisurely with friends and family
#7...reading several great books...not all of my summer reading list was finished:(
#6...going on several FUN trips, including SeaWorld,
Fernandina Beach,
Atlanta, and
North, South Carolina (for FM's wedding)

#5...seeing Miranda Lambert in concert with my sweet friend, Amanda
#4...teaching the good news about Jesus to the precious kiddos of Fountain Inn First Baptist Church each Wednesday night

#3...shopping with my little momma at some of our favorite stores

#2...going roping with J because it didn't matter what time I got home
and that I didn't have to be somewhere early in the morning.

#1...spending 3 weeks with my sweet niece! Those memories will be cherished FOREVER:) I sure do love that girl!

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