Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too awesome for a TUESDAY...

So today has been a super day! Who would've thought an ordinary HOT Tuesday would've turned out so great? So the first thing that makes today fun is my new pair of boots that finally came. Yes, I know that they are a little wild but I LOVE THEM!!!
I think I will wear them a lot!

I have had my eye on them for a year, so I just bit the bullet and can't wait to wear them:) The bottom of the boots are just as pretty as the boots themselves. And check out that box!

The next thing that makes today a great day is this cute bandana rag wreath that I made for my classroom door. How can it not make you smile? I love all of the fun colors.
The best part about this wreath is that it cost less than $10 to make. I used a cross-stitching hoop that was $1.59 at Hobby Lobby and 8 different colored bandanas, which were 99 cents a piece.
To start, I cut the whole bandana in half, and then cut that half into long, thin strips. I then cut those strips in half again, to make shorter pieces. I started tying the strips around the hoop until it was completely covered. No glue or sewing was involved, which made it even better. SUPER EASY!

Both of these have made an ordinary Tuesday, just too awesome:)

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