Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coming along...

Every morning I say to myself, "I'm not going to school today"... and then guess what? I go! AH!!! I promise that I will not step foot in that building one more time until maybe next week...ha! I went Monday and got TONS done and then my mom and I went back today. What would I do without her? She scrubbed all of my tables until her fingers were numb and wrinkled. Bless her! I do love that woman. Things are finally starting to look finished and ready for those little darlings. It makes it a lot easier when someone goes with me or if my friends are working in their rooms too. Here is what room 202 is beginning to look like...

Welcome to our classroom...(recognize the wreath??)
Genre log and
AR goals
Our share chair
A precious sign that says "Caution...Little Buckaroos at play"
A parent gave me this for an end of the year gift. So fun!
I could not get this picture to delete...uGH! I do love my easy no sew bandana curtains though.
The makings of a writing center! I decided to not have a "writing" table for them this year. Most of the time when we write around the room, they choose to go somewhere with a pillow and not to that table so we'll see how it goes this year.
The first bulletin board of the year...stays up through September and goes along with our "Me bag" activity where the kiddos create a bag to share with the class with pictures and items all about them.

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