Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can't believe I'm saying this, but...

I'm getting somewhat excited about school starting:) Every year around this time, I start looking forward to decorating my classroom. There is nothing better than everything being clean, organized, and ready for a classroom of sweet kiddos. Last week, my mom and niece went and helped me in my classroom. We spent 3 hours at the school and now everything is back in its place. I couldn't have done it without them. How cute is she? She loved playing school in Auntie's classroom.

I also love buying school supplies, especially when I find a good deal. Staples always amazes me with their penny deals and I love to stroll through Target's school supply section. This year will be an interesting year, but I am looking forward to working with many new staff members on our grade level.

Our school will be celebrating its 10th year so our school-wide theme is "A Decade of Excellence". Each hallway is taking a different school theme used over the past ten years. Our hallway was given "It's a Wonderful World!" I'm not too excited about that theme, so I am going to stick with my cowboy/western theme with a touch of birthday celebration flair. Today I started working on a banner that says "Saddle Up and Celebrate" for my hallway.
I found some cute cowboy birthday clipart with bandana balloons, and the cutest birthday cowboys. I'll post more pics when the wall display is complete.
I can't wait to go to school again to start decorating even more since EVERYTHING had to come down so that the walls could be painted.

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