Monday, July 4, 2011

Ribbon, ribbon, and more ribbon

So sweet S turned 6 and we are going to Florida for her birthday party this weekend. I LOVE to have a party so I have been helping my sister get everything ready, of course over the phone. The theme is going to be Shoe LaLa/Diva, based on this precious children's book that I found called Shoe La La. It is about this group of little girls who LOVE shoes and all things girlie. The invitation that I made had pocketbooks, shoes, etc. on it so we decided to go with black/hot pink/zebra accents. After looking at tons of party idea websites, I found this beautiful wreath that I just knew had to greet the guests for her awesome birthday party.

The ribbon all cut into 4 inch pieces

I used a hay wreath and wrapped it with ribbon

I then hot glued each piece of ribbon closed. One tutorial online suggested sewing them closed.

I threw all of the ribbon in a huge bowl so that I could mix them up easily.

The final product! YAY!! Hope a sweet girl likes it:)

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  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG! I know it is going to be great!