Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleaning frenzy

I love to clean and I am obsessed with trying lots of different cleaning products. I also love to vaccum my floors and I like for everything to be in its place. little "craft room"upstairs gets forgotten sometimes so I decided to make use of my day and straighten it up. When we first moved into this house the upstairs was not finished at all. One half was attic space and the other half was a room that was somewhat finished with sheet rock and tape. A couple of years ago I decided to make it a room for me to scrapbook, sew, wrap presents, store odds/ends and sometimes read.
Here are some pictures of the little room when we moved in...

This picture was during the "fix-up" stage...

And here are some recent pics. I love this little room.
An old headboard made a great bookshelf/picture board
Wrapping station


  1. With a wrapping station like this it is no wonder that your presents are always wrapped so beautiful.

  2. I never even knew this room was there!! LOVE it! :)