Monday, July 30, 2012

Nothing is finer than to teach in South Carolina:)

For the past couple of weeks, I've gone to school for a couple of hours here and there to work.  Thank goodness for my precious momma who retired after 36 years of teaching because without room would still be a mess.  I sometimes wonder why am I at school on a beautiful summer day when I should be at the pool but...if I didn't have my room ready before the day we HAVE to go back, I would go crazy.  I like for everything to have a place and I do not like to be stressed that first week back.  There is enough to do with meetings, chit-chatting with friends, and planning lessons for my students. 
Here is where we stand right now.  I have a little more to do but now I can breath and enjoy my last  
2 1/2  weeks of vacation.  

The front of my desk...students will make lunch choices by moving their magnetic flower under the choice for the day.  I am planning on having choices written on sentence strips. We're doing a garden theme this year, hence the flowers.
My cute READ pillows that I made last year.  
Individual book baskets...planning on letting my kiddos "shop" for books this year once a week so that their quiet reading time is spent reading, not searching for that one particular book.  
The door to our classroom...I'll put up individual names closer to time but aren't my little gardening tools fun?
Thanks to my sweet friend Brooke...this is where I post our GIDDY-UP of the week information. 
Name tags and table numbers
Our author of the month bulletin board...I try to change it out once a month and correlate it with our genre units in reading.  Some of the authors that we study are:  Patricia Pollaco, Robert Munsch, Gail Gibbons, Eric Carle, Tomie DePaola, Bill Peet, and more!
Probably my most favorite purchase of the colored stools for my reading table!  TJ MAXX, I love you!
Writing posters
The YEEHAW letters that I painted earlier this summer!
The front of my classroom

Word Wall
Cozy little reading my circle rugs.  (Shhhhhh...they are bath mats from Target)
My "Share Chair" and "All About Me" board!
Homework board
Essential question white boards!
I'm going to make a promise to not go back until August 16th...I doubt I can do it but I'm going to try.  
Nothing is finer than to teach in Carolina and I can't wait to meet my Giddy-Ups:)


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  2. I peeked in your classroom this morning when I was there - adorable! :) Love those stools!

    Teaching Maddeness

  3. I love all of the different areas of your room. Everything looks great :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  4. It looks awesome! I love the stools... might have to start staking out TJMaxx to see if I can find some!

  5. OMG it looks fabulous!! Love your new stools!! Can I come back and be in your class??

  6. Oh my heck, your room looks amazing! I especially like the stools.
    Where Seconds Count